Final sprint - Pirate Party Munich asks for your support

here some candidates of Munich Pirate Party with their team in front of KVR, Poccistrasse, Munich
As from today on, the Pirates of the Pirate Party KV Munich are heading now for the final week of collecting supporters signatures given by citizens at the city council head offices in front of the Supervisor.

According to the current regulations for admission to a local elections as a political party , the Pirate Party needs the support - signatures of 1,000 citizens with residence in Munich.

For this reason, the pirates from Munich today ask all fellow citizens who have a passport of an EU member country , and have reported permanent residence in Munich, to give an advisory support signature in the city council office at the following addresses there.
here the map with the places & office times to sign for support
Whether you are from Romania , Bulgaria, Greece , Italy, Spain , France, Croatia or the other EU countries, you have for these local elections in Munich the right to vote as EU citizens and thus also the right to support a party if you them are convinced that these may participate in these elections.
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