American Indian Workshop: AIW

Wann? 16.12.2017 02:00 Uhr

Wo? cherokee center, Nuremberg, 90455 Nürnberg DEauf Karte anzeigen
Nürnberg: cherokee center | American Indian Workshop: AIW
WinterSonnWend Celebration Weekend
17 and 18 December 2017
Native American Winter Solstice - Indian winter solstice
The winter solstice ceremony is similar to the ghost dance of the Indians. - Bear Dance = Ghost Dance
While people dance, they can see the spirits of their ancestors, they dance with their ancestors.
First, the bear (as a spirit) appears and dances with and cleans the sweat lodge place and the sweat lodge fire from all evil spirits. People live the dance.
The sweat lodge, the fire and the bear songs bring the spirit dance back to life.
As people dance, the ancestors come to dance in spiritual form; even the totems dance with the spirits of the winter solstice.
The spirits participate in the sweat lodge ritual and bring healing to the people - this happens once a year!
Wintersonnenwende takes place once a year, dancing and feeling every part of your body, feel yourself!
Come to Wintersonnenwende, share the dance with the Native Americans, honor the dance with your heart!
Spirits honor you at the end of this ritual.

Registration in writing by email at
Please tel. No. so I can call you.
The workshops take place near Nuremberg.
SunTurtle Woman & Medicine Turtle
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