Hello british or european citizen, You can vote as well at city council elections

Dear british and other european citizens,

you as a citizen of inside the EU are privileged, to partecipate to this sunday election, september 11th, for the city council, district council and region council, when you live longer then 3 month with your main residence inside Hannover.

So when you came here before the 1st of june, you are automatically blessed with the privilege, to vote as well and all you need is the declaration of your residence here, your ID card or passport, and go to the closest election office next to you.

I am here in my district the free candidate, not member of any party, just a citizen as anyone else, but fed up with the anti-social and permanently lying political situation here in hannover.

My themes and informations about me are here to find on my website

I am socially enganged,trying to increase rapidly affordable amount of flats to rent, on a pricing level like social appartments in Vienna, Austria, shows up since nearly 100 years and is worldwide leading in economical and low cost construction of social quarters, avoiding the so called "ghetto-Style" of seperating riches from the poor, they know how to do it, just check it out.

thank you for your attention, if you have more questions, contact me through my website, all informations are there.

i hope i could motivate you to go votiing, maybe even for me

with kind regards
your candidate in district 02 - Vahrenwald-List
Position no. 16 ( is on right side of election bill)
Einzelkandidat Jörg Pfannschmidt
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