Schwitzhuette Nuremberg

Wann? 16.09.2017 15:30 Uhr

Wo? indianer circle, 90441 Nürnberg DE
Nürnberg: indianer circle | We invite you to our next sweat huts.
Location: near Nuremberg

Date: 16 September 2016 Schwitzhuette INIPI WAKAN at 2 pm

please register under

* your own drum, rattle or musical instrument
* your power objects

Sweat Lodge Inipi Wakan "The 4 Direction"

The four points of the compass - the four colors - the four elements - the four bodies - four seasons

* from the COLOR red + green + white + yellow per COLOR 4 pcs. Tabakodeis
* 1 towel and 1 bath towel
* Fruit juice for after the sweat lodge
* your power items

After the sweat lodge there is an Indian soup and we are still sitting together at the fire.

ao mitakuye oyasin
medicine turtle & sunturtle woman

Turtle tatli waya SunTurtle Woman witkótkoke winyan
cid: 437435417 @ 01082017-094F
Sabine Sunturtle Woman - Organizer & Translator mobile 0043 699 18088 333
email website www.hal-lo. at
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