Indianisches Pferde Schwitzhütte mit Ausreiten“

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Nürnberg: indianer circle | We would like to start with you with this new program.
Again and again people ask us if we
pass on the connection of the Indian culture with the horse .
With this program we show you the first steps.

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Medicine Turtle and SunTurtle Woman

"Indian Horses Sweat Lodge with Riding"

The spirit of the horse
Find your medicine on the red road with a trip with the horse and enter the path of the medicine wheel ceremony.
In this ceremony you come into the connection of the horse's power in a sweat lodge.
Real riding with the horse and walking through nature.

While drumming, we seek answers for our lives.
Spiritual counseling and coaching, how the power of the horse can help in your daily life.
Riding on the horse will help you connect with the power of the horse.
The sweat lodge will then bring you the connection with Mother Earth through the prayers and chants.

* Rebirth of the horse spirit
* The power of the horse is the 7th power of fire
* Horses have a very special language
* Connection with the 4 elements

Let the horse be the trainer in your life.
This sweat lodge comes with real live riding and animal communication tips.
Medicine Turtle and SunTurtle Woman
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