Schwitzhütte and Trancetanz

Wann? 12.08.2017 01:30 Uhr

Wo? cherokee center, Nuremberg, 90455 Nürnberg DE
Nürnberg: cherokee center | Schwitzhütte and Trancetanz

We invite you to the Cherokee Weekend in nature.
Location: near Nuremberg
Date: September 12 FRIDAY at 7:00 pm until 22 September 2017 SATURDAY approx. 7.00 pm

please register in writing under

FRIDAY 1 September from 7.00 pm
Native American drumming
ceremony and meditation in the nature outside

SATURDAY September 2, approx. 7:00 pm 2017
Native American sweat lodge - Cherokee tradition
We will talk about the way of the medicine route and you will learn
various methods about the Indian Red trail

We'll spend the night camping there by the fire
Location: about 20 km from Nuremberg
Registration: (please give the telephone number - then I call you).

We look forward to you.
Aho SunTurtle Woman & Medicine Turtle
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