(Hi)Storytelling Café

Wann? 06.10.2010 19:30 Uhr bis 06.10.2010 21:30 Uhr

Wo? Ada-und-Theodor-Lessing VHS , Theodor-Lessing-Platz 1, 30159 Hannover DEauf Karte anzeigen
Hannover: Ada-und-Theodor-Lessing VHS | ... with members of the ‘Our Continent – Our Culture’ European Learning Partnership group

Everyone has a story …

Since October 2009, senior learners of English have been meeting regularly to tell, share and collect stories of their everyday lives in postwar Germany through to and since the fall of the Berlin Wall. They have been looking at questions like: Where were you on the evening of 9 November 1989? What were your hopes and fears when the Wall came down, and how have they changed over the last twenty years? Do you feel European, or more attached to your own country? Do you feel that you are part of European history? We first shared our answers to these and other questions during the visit by our five partner institutions (from Finland, Northern Ireland, Spain, Portugal and Italy) in March. Since then we have collected many more stories that are creating a fascinating mosaic of life in Hannover over the last 65 years, and on this evening we would like to tell them to other learners of English – and, of course, to hear from our audience if they have tales to tell!

Info + Tickets (5€): VHS International, Mic Hale, Tel. 0511 168 40239,
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Karl-Heinz Mücke aus Pattensen | 16.09.2010 | 17:17  
Mic Hale
Mic Hale | 16.09.2010 | 17:21  
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