Cain and Abel

According to the Bible Cain was Adam's and Eve's first son and Abel their second. When Cain learned that God preferred his brother's offerings he became jealous and killed his brother.

We also know that Cain had a lot of children. Abel had none, however. Not because he was dead, he simply was not able.

Of course, the second paragraph is a joke, a pun. In English "Abel" is pronounced the same way as "able", and "able" is the substitute for "can".

So now you know why it is impossible to tell that joke in German ...
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Kirsten Steuer aus Pattensen | 16.11.2012 | 11:29  
Axel aus Salzburg aus Freilassing | 16.11.2012 | 12:02  
Karl-Heinz Mücke aus Pattensen | 18.11.2012 | 16:58  
Axel aus Salzburg aus Freilassing | 18.11.2012 | 18:57  
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