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Turku (Finnland): Kulturhauptstadt | Ungefährt ueber 700 000 Besucher sin der Kulturmetropole Turku.
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Already over 700 000 visitors in the capital of culture Turku The Turku Capital of Culture programme in August comprises a diverse selection, ranging from circus to opera and from a music festival to downhill racing. An exceptionally high number of visitors from both Finland and Europe are expected to visit Turku during the peak month of the Capital of Culture summer. In August, summer will truly bring out the best of what Turku has to offer. The numerous environmental artworks and surprising encounters all around the city will energise Turku and the Capital of Culture programme selection is set to be abundant. During January–July, a total of 729,000 visitors have participated in Capital of Culture events. Of these numbers, Logomo Exhibition Centre visits amount to 112,000 people and Logomo performances and concerts to 44,500. The total numbers do not include visitors to all open public events, and they are expected to rise significantly when all numbers are available at the end of the year. Top performers take over the open-air swimming poolThe Musical Sea of Inner Rhythms festival will take over the Samppalinna open-air swimming pool and throw the year's best pool party. Star performers will include Anna Puu, Jonna Tervomaa with her only gig of the summer, Kauko Röyhkä, Paradise Oskar and Tommy Lindgren. Samppalinna open-air swimming pool will transform into an overwhelming experience. A stunning lighting set up, music that can be heard and felt in the water and high-quality catering services will all combine to deliver the most unique festival during the summer. Water exercises and tai chi sessions earlier during the day will set the mood for relaxed DJ performances and guest artists that will present new versions of their popular songs, backed by the festival orchestra. Opera performances in Turku Castle
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