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ABSENDER: Mrs Mrss aus Berlin!

Hello Dear

My husband was recently killed in Philippine on 22nd May 2008. I am contacting you because I have no other choice than to look for someone who I will trust who will help me by saving the future of my children.

I and my late deposited with my name the sum of $2.2 million us dollar in a safety company Abroad and The box was deposited coded under arrangement which is secret as family valuables and art treasure. This means that the security company does not know the exact content of the box.

I am writing you because I want you to help me in securing the money inside the box for the future of my children. Since my late husband family members and the Philippine government made it impossible for me to have access to calls or to move out of the house as they always monitor me.

I am ready to give you 5% of the total money when you have successfully secured the box to your country, for assisting me. I want you to know that after sending you this mail I will delete my id from this site for my own security reasons, So if you are interested in helping me You should write me through my private email box, (

I want you to keep everything about this money secret and confidential between me and you for the safety of the money inside the box.

I am looking forward to hear from you as soon as possible Thanks.
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Claus Stricks aus Burgdorf | 30.10.2010 | 20:01  
Claus Stricks aus Burgdorf | 30.10.2010 | 20:07  
Gaby Floer aus Garbsen | 30.10.2010 | 20:24  
Andreas aus Niedersachsen aus Laatzen | 30.10.2010 | 20:51  
Karl-Heinz Töpfer aus Marburg | 30.10.2010 | 22:43  
Christine Braun aus Augsburg | 30.10.2010 | 22:57  
Karola M. aus Peine | 30.10.2010 | 23:10  
Gerhard Hennke
Gerhard Hennke | 31.10.2010 | 00:22  
Gaby Floer aus Garbsen | 31.10.2010 | 00:52  
Gerhard Hennke aus Hagenburg
Gerhard Hennke aus Hagenburg | 31.10.2010 | 01:32  
Das echte Ekel mit Herz aus Peine | 31.10.2010 | 08:35  
Kurt Battermann aus Burgdorf | 31.10.2010 | 09:32  
Markus Christian Maiwald aus Augsburg | 02.12.2010 | 14:56  
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