7 Things to Remember about Couple’s Costumes for Halloween

  1. So, what’s a “couple’s costume”? Is it the one to buy together with your girlfriend or boyfriend at the same time or the one that consists of two parts fitting into the same theme? Well, the second variant is quite correct. For example, your girl is Batman, and you’re Robin. Your girl is a bulb, and you’re a plughole. Oh, did you think it’ll be vice versa? Nope, it won’t, and you got to live with that the entire evening.

2. Your ideas of a perfect couple’s costume have to match or… wait for a trouble. Indeed, if you want to be Bumblebee and your lady wants to be Snow Queen, come to realize the fact you’ll be her little minion, not a mighty transformer. Therefore, tons of preparatory arguing and settling the issue down is waiting ahead. In the worst-case scenario, there will be lots of embarrassing once the party starts, like being dressed Kimye and Kanye. Arggghhhh….

3. Still, your girlfriend will be in charge. Because she knows better, or because she thinks she knows better, but the bottom line is all the same – she’ll be picking the costumes, and you won’t be having the coolest part in it. Trying to fight back will only wreck your nerves even more. Plus, there will be a straightaway chance of coming to a Halloween party with your gf pissed, which is the most horrifying scenarios among all.

4. You’ll have to “stick together” all the time. Yeah, that’s right, because you have the couple’s costume and people just won’t get its meaning, because the two of you are not standing side by side. Do you care? Nope. But your better half does care a lot, so be ready to spend most of the time in the company of her chatter-box friends. Farewell, dudes with awesome Optimus Prime and Aragorn costumes, I’m wearing this dumb couple’s outfit, and since my girl is in charge, I’m hanging out with fairies and Beyonces.

5. Be ready to take all the blame. Does the host of the event plans to run the contests for the Best Couple’s Consume of the Evening? Get ready to suffer, because if your gf and you lose, you’ll be blamed for it all from head to the bottom. It’s all because YOU didn’t put enough effort to impress the host, it’s all because YOU didn’t seem to “get into the role” seriously enough. And your gf? She was the best, hands down.

6. You won’t be getting any drunk. Guys who evaded the fate of wasting Halloween fun on a couple’s costume will be drinking beer and hitting on Cat Women, you will sober almost the entire evening in turn. Of course, you could throw inside a pint of cold one when your costume partner will be mending her outfit in the ladies’ room, but her friends will still be watching you. And you’d better not be caught red-handed for enjoying a couple of beers.

7. It’ll be over (till the next year). An evening of suffering will end, eventually. And there will be 365 days left to enjoy life and stay away from the couple’s costume liability. And although you’ll have to pretend you “enjoyed the party so much and would like to do it once again next time”, that’s the price to pay for being in a relationship with a nice girl, who nevertheless goes us-being-a-perfect-couple frenzy once in a while. But you’re the man, you’ll go through it.

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